what disease affects the liver

The answer to what disease affects the liver is, sadly, not very encouraging. Most medical experts agree that the majority of ailments that affect the liver are, in fact, not serious. There are, however, a few exceptions to this generalization. Some of the diseases that do affect the liver are related to some types of cancers. There is also what is referred to as hepatitis, which can cause symptoms like loss of appetite and/or weight loss, fatigue and/or lethargy, nausea, fever, and jaundice. cirrhosis, is considered to be a degenerative disease in the liver. It usually develops when there is damage to the tissues and cells of the liver - specifically, the liver cells. This type of disease can lead to serious complications like liver cancer. Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. This condition also causes cells to grow abnormally. There are many treatments, both medication and holistic ones, for this condition. Gallstoneiasis is what disease affects the liver most commonly in the United States. This is a disease where the gallbladder either hardens or irritates the liver cells. In this case, the person usually experiences jaundice. He may also feel an increase in his cholesterol and have problems with his digestion. This is a serious disease that must be treated right away. The autoimmune disorder refers to a condition where the body starts to attack its own tissue. This disorder is usually referred to as an autoimmune disease when it affects the liver. This can cause the liver to function improperly. People with this condition may feel fatigued all the time, have an upset stomach, have hair loss, brittle nails, and have an increased risk of developing infections. There are medications that can be used to treat this disorder. Crohn's disease affects the rectum and the intestines in most people. It can cause cramping, diarrhea, bloating, vomiting, and pain in the abdominal area. Most people with this condition are unable to eat normally. There are medications that can be used for what disease affects the liver, but the person must take them on a daily basis. Surgery may also be needed for severe cases. Stress is what disease affects the liver the worst. When a person is stressed, his body releases chemicals that are bad for his health. Panic attacks and depression can happen when the levels of these chemicals become too high. A liver disorder like this will make a person extremely tired and will almost always gain weight. When the liver is over taxed, it can be inflamed, which can lead to cirrhosis, a life threatening disease. To answer what disease affects the liver the most, a person should get a full physical exam from a doctor. The doctor will check for inflammation in the liver, problems in the lymph system, and blood work. If the doctor finds out what disease affects the liver, he will then need to do something about it. He might recommend a liver transplant or give someone medication to help him recover. The second sign of damage to the liver that needs to be addressed is cell death. Cells that are dying normally die off within a day or two. However, there are some instances where a liver cell will live for up to thirty years without dying. This can be very dangerous. Because of the number of cells that make up the liver, if too many of them are dying it can cause scarring. Scarring in the liver can affect the way the liver works, which can increase the risk of the organ failing and leading to liver failure.