what cause autoimmune diseases

What cause autoimmune diseases? Drugs. According to my research, about 95% of people with chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have one thing in common - they are suffering from a drug-related illness. The drugs themselves do not cause these illnesses, but they do change the way the body responds to the drugs. The drugs, or the reactions they cause, can result in autoimmune diseases. I believe that there is a correlation between long-term medication use and autoimmune diseases. There is a very real possibility that if you take too many anti-inflammatory drugs for your arthritis or whatever, you can eventually get an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) from it. Some believe that NSAIDS can play a big part in these occurrences, because of the nature of the medicine they metabolize into. These types of medicines work by suppressing the immune system. In essence, they slow down the normal process of putting on and removing cells from the body. Drugs affect cellular inflammation caused by toxins and viruses. They also affect how the body naturally responds to danger. So, some believe that NSAIDS are directly responsible for the increasing cases of childhood obesity. The problem is that doctors and pharmaceutical companies want us to believe that the link between drugs and chronic diseases is causation rather than correlation. How can you protect yourself and your children? First of all, try to figure out what is causing you problems. If you feel that you are constantly sick, you may need to go see a doctor. If you are taking drugs, you should stop. You should talk with your pharmacist to see if there are alternatives to the drugs you are taking that will have the same effect, without the risks of altering your cell receptors. The food we eat is another area that is frequently overlooked in the search for the cause of autoimmune diseases. Certain types of food to stimulate the immune system. If you eat a diet rich in sugar, you can easily build up an overactive immune system. Once the immune system starts to attack healthy cells, the body has difficulty fighting infection. This can lead to all kinds of medical problems.