When was America founded?

American history covers a long period of time because it has been one of the most important areas for the whole world. The history of the US can be divided into four major periods. These were the pre-Revolutionary War period, The Articles of Confederation period, The Civil War period, and The Great Depression period. There are many books and websites on the history of American, which tell us about each of these periods in a very interesting way.

1. The Pre-Revolutionary war The pre-Revolutionary War period can be considered as the beginning of the history of American. During this period, there was no central government for the country. The different states had to fight for their independence against the British Empire. The major part of this era of the history of American was seen in the Constitution of the US. This document outlines the rights of the citizens of the US and gives them the powers they needed to protect themselves against the dictatorial government. The Articles of Confederation period can be considered as the middle of American history.

2. The articles of Confederation The Articles of Confederation period witnessed major changes in the relationship between the states and the federal government. The US government was formed by an act of Congress after the Revolution of 1776. This constitution gave way to the US national government structure we have today. The central government continued to indirectly rule over the American states through the constitutional amendments made during this period.

3. The civil war The civil war period gave way to the development of two main bodies of government in the US. These were the executive branch and the national legislature. The Congress was responsible for drafting the new federal constitution which was later approved by the states via the ratifying convention. The executive branch included the president of the US, the chief executive officers of state, county, and municipal governments, and the supreme court of the United States.

Post-war social programs : During the Post-War period, a number of social programs were initiated in order to uplift the fortunes of the poor majority in the country. The Poor People's Compensation Program (PPCP) was introduced in 1948. The PPCP insured the benefits of the unemployed citizens of the states against unemployment or death and offered them adequate funds. Many insurance companies facilitated this program by ensuring the benefits in the form of minimum amounts. The PPCP still exists to date.

Establishment of the fourteenth amendment : Another historical aspect is the establishment of the Fourteenth Amendment, which provided rights to the States within the union. The right to keep and bear arms was guaranteed to the American people under the guarantee of the Constitution. The right to vote and freedom of speech are likewise secured to all American residents by the constitution. The history of the United States during this period has seen the emergence of several major industries including the steel industry, railroads, textile industry, banking, and insurance in various states of the union. New England, Canada, and the South had the highest per capita production of these industries in the entire world. A significant historical aspect is the expansion of the slave trade in the antebellum period. Slaves brought from Africa to the New World and the South in plantations and made available for the industrial market of the United States were an important factor in the economy of the nation. Slavery was an established and legalized practice in the antebellum era in the United States. The history of the state's reaction to this aspect is chronic in its own right. The very issue of slavery is one of the most divisive and painful episodes of American history. Slavery existed in all the southern states of the union.

US currency development : A single of the most important aspects of American history is the development of the US currency as the unit of account in international trade. The history of the US dollar as a global money is perhaps one of the most important lessons of American history. The evolution of the US dollar was a very patchwork quilt of compromises between slave trade, greed, and free trade protectionist sentiment. This story is a part of the rich tapestry of the American union.

US history is not perfect : Unfortunately, that does not mean that we have a perfect history. In fact, no matter how perfect our history maybe there are always mistakes and failures. Mistakes and failures stem from both humans and God. The people of America, through their patience, understanding, and love have learned to deal with all life that comes their way. We have not failed. Throughout our history, we have strived to better the world around us. We have reached out to those who have walked on foreign soil and offered forgiveness. We have poured out love into the world and have extended to those who have struggled against hatred. The strength of America has come from the strength of her people. More than anything else, the strength of America is found in her children. We are fortunate to have great children.

What American history has taught us : History has also taught us that there are those who want to tear us down, demean us, and bring hate into this world. Sometimes it takes a moment of wisdom, but we cannot allow ourselves to be torn by enemies or hate. History has shown us what happened when we gave up. We are the better civilization for giving our neighbors shelter and helping them build better lives. When we have stood up to hatred, we have earned the admiration of the whole world. We have also faced many challenges. We have been humiliated on the world stage. We have run into difficulties and stood up for what was right. Sometimes we have been faced with moral dilemmas, and those situations have tested us. The history of American television, movies, music, books, and so much more than touch upon the history of American life will always be one of the things that will make me smile. To conclude : The United States of America has changed so much throughout its history. Throughout the centuries, our country has changed for the better and has faced so many challenges. As a result, we have changed along with the times. In order to continue moving forward, we need to continue to celebrate the past and looking towards the future.