How to remove eyelash extensions?

There is a bit of a curve when learning how to remove eyelash extensions. Extensions require that the extensions are removed before the natural growth of the lashes will return. The extensions were typically glued to the base of each lash for an appearance that was both unnatural and exciting. People who have gone under the knife are often very careful about how they look. The new-look is quite different, but the extensions still need to be removed because the glue that holds them in place can be quite strong. The longer the extensions the more glue is used to hold them in place. If it's not watched closely or taken off in a timely manner, the glue can be quite strong.

1. Apply eye drops How to remove eyelash extensions can vary from person to person as well. In general, though it usually starts with the individual's own doctor. Applying eye drops into the eyes is one way to begin the process. Depending on how swollen the extensions are will depend on how strong the medication needs to be as some may require a more aggressive approach.

2. Use an extension remover Some individuals may not feel comfortable having their eyes pulled during the procedure. That's why many go to a salon for help. Salons usually have the necessary equipment to remove how to remove eyelash extensions. The most common method is to slide the extension remover along the upper lashes until it is underneath the natural growth.

3. Follow the glue instructions Then you simply lift it up and off the lashes. This is just one step in the process. It's important to remove them in the proper order. The glue that is used should be thoroughly cleaned according to brand instructions. If the extensions are glued without cleaning then there is a good chance that they will bleed or get stuck together.

4. Pull the eyelashes via the eyelid The next step would be to identify where the extensions are coming from. The extensions come from your own body via the eyelid. Once the glue is removed then you can pull them out. If you notice blood then there is a possibility of an infection and you should contact a physician immediately.

5. Put a new strip of glue The last step in how to remove eyelash extensions is to put a new strip of glue on each strip. This is used to hold the extensions in place. Again, if there are any infections then antibiotics will need to be administered. The length of time that it takes to remove these extensions will depend on how long the extensions were on your body. If the extensions were for an extended length of time then you will likely have to have them removed every two weeks or so. 6. Pull them slowly When learning how to remove eyelash extensions, you will probably find that you need to go about this in stages. This is because the extensions need to be removed in order to ensure that there is no chance of infection. If you simply pull on the extensions without removing them then you will run the risk of damaging the hair and the follicles which are present on the roots. If you fail to remove them then you run the risk of the extensions falling out which will leave your eyelashes looking messy.

7. Treat each strand separately When learning how to remove eyelash extensions you will find that each strand needs to be treated separately. The extensions can be tugged carefully free from the roots but you need to work carefully as to not damage them further. As the extensions are being removed, you need to work quickly to keep any blood from circulating within the scalp and to prevent the extension from curling up. Once all of the extensions have been removed from the root, it is important to clean the area very carefully. 8. Use a pair of tweezers If you find that the glue is coming loose with tweezers, then it is probably the easier of the two procedures. You can loosen it using a pair of tweezers that have been sterilized. To remove eyelash extensions using tweezers, hold one eyelash above the eye and tweeze as far back as possible. Repeat for the second eyelash. This is a safe procedure because the glue used to hold the extensions together cannot harm the eye. However, if the extensions were placed too close together, you may damage your eye.

9. Natural pomade remover There are some other methods that are safer than tweezing. One of the most common methods used to remove eyelash extensions is to use a natural pomade remover. These removers will work without damaging the extensions. You simply rub the cream in a thin layer all around the extensions. Be careful not to rub too hard as this could cause damage to the extensions. 10. Wash your eyes when you finish You should work quickly when learning how to remove eyelash extensions as you run the risk of the extensions starting to curl once they have been removed. If you fail to remove them properly then you could find that your eyelashes become brittle and may fall out completely. In addition to this, if you fail to wash the area correctly then you could find that bacteria grows and causes a lot of irritation. If you take your time and ensure that the process is done correctly then you will find that learning how to remove eyelash extensions is a lot easier than you might think.

To conclude : It is important to know how to remove eyelash extensions correctly so that you do not cause more damage to yourself. If you are unsure about how to remove eyelash extensions then you should seek medical advice. If you apply extensions without following the correct procedure then you may cause an infection or even damage the follicle. You should also ensure that the extensions are removed properly so that you do not risk damaging them further. If you follow these steps then you will be able to remove your extensions with ease.