How to make money in GTA 5 online?

If you play GTA Online, you must have quickly realized that the lack of money is a huge brake on your further adventures. Find in our article some techniques to earn money fast. To avoid running out of cash, here is a non-exhaustive list of activities that will allow you to earn a lot of money quickly, only legitimately, and without cheating. You will find missions to be carried out alone or in cooperation. ACTIVITIES THAT ARE HIGHLIGHTED EACH WEEK: As you know, GTA Online features weekly activities. So you may want to focus on these activities as they offer double the amount of PR and GTA$ and can even be tripled. So it's easy to earn several tens of thousands of GTA5 in a short period.

SESSION EVENTS: In an online session, if there are enough players in it, specific events will be launched. Thus, manage to accomplish challenges such as traveling the longest distance with the back wheel, killing as many players as possible with headshots, or destroying as many vehicles as possible. Again, you will collect a certain amount of money in a short period. NIGHTCLUB: If you have a nightclub, you should know that you have to register as a CEO or a bigwig in order to carry out the missions it offers you. You can promote your club (this will increase the popularity and therefore the total of your earnings in your safe), but you can also make sales of all types of merchandise. AS CEO: If you have a CEO's office and warehouses for vehicles and goods, this section may be of interest to you.

Do not hesitate to do vehicle theft missions. However, you can't choose which type of vehicle it is (low end, mid-end, and high end). Our advice: fill your warehouse with all possible vehicles, and make the sales by being four players. The profits will go directly into your pocket. You also can sell more or less profitable goods. Thus, you must first, via your PC, buy goods (alcohol, artwork, jewelry ...) and then resell them, hoping for an interesting added value. Same advice: wait until your warehouse is full and then sell to several people.

AS A MOTORCYCLE GANG LEADER: This is, in our opinion, one of the most interesting parts. If you already have a motorcycle HQ, don't hesitate to invest in the coke and meth workshops. These will pay for themselves very quickly. In order to make sales, you must, first of all, always via a PC, start restocking: WARNING, you have the choice between stealing it or paying for it (count 75 000 GTA$ to fill your raw material gauge).

It is better to steal it to increase your profits. What's more, if there are several of you, the operation will be even faster. Once the merchandise bar is completely filled, you can make a sale. You then choose between selling in the closest outlet, but this one is less profitable, or selling in the one farthest away, which is much more interesting. Count about 500,000 GTA$ per sale, and also a bonus of GTA5 if many other rival leaders are present in the session. ARMS SALES: BUNKER Things are speeding up! Thanks to your bunker, you will see your pockets fill up quickly. Indeed, you have the possibility in it to steal or buy the restocking (same principle as for coke or meth), and once your merchandise gauge is filled, make the sale.

WARNING, these sales require to be at least four players. You can do them as a CEO or Gang Leader. However, it is better to do them as a Biker Leader because you can hire more players. The maximum amount of a complete weapon sale is $1,000,000 GTA5! THE SHOCKING: You have three series of robberies to carry out. We will detail them in order. First of all, there are the first robberies. Available since March 2015, you must have in your possession a luxury apartment.

By this, you mean an apartment with a garage that can hold ten vehicles. In the latter, Lester will install a room in which all the robberies will be organized. There are five robberies, the most interesting of which is the last one which can bring in up to 1 250 000 GTA$. Be careful, the winnings are divided according to the shares you choose, and your profits may decrease according to the damage you have suffered. Carry out the robberies in Difficult mode and not Easy mode since the gains are more advantageous. Also, if you have never carried out a robbery before, you will receive a "first-time" bonus of 100,000 GTA$ each time. You can win even more if you complete the Elite Challenges.

CASINO ROBBERY: Recently available, you can now decide to rob Diamond Casino. To do so, you must first purchase an arcade (free for Twitch Prime owners). In this room, you will find the Casino Robbery Organizer Room at the bottom of the arcade. Depending on the team and approach you choose, and their professionalism, the winnings you can earn will be different. With up to $3,290,000 GTA5 in Normal mode and up to $3,619,000 GTA5 in Hard mode, keep in mind that your winnings may drop depending on whether you manage to take everything from the safe but also if you suffer damage while on the run.

CRIMINAL MASTERMIND: This is the most profitable but most complicated and difficult activity to accomplish. Behave yourself; if you manage to accomplish this challenge, you will receive 10 000 000 GTA5! To do so, you must carry out the first series of robberies (located in your luxury apartment) in Difficult mode, but be careful: you must carry them out in order, with the same team, and above all WITHOUT DIYING. If at some point you fail for lack of time or other reasons, don't worry, you won't have to start all over again from the very first robbery! If unfortunately, you or one of your teammates is killed, you will have to start all over again from the very first robbery.