How to make cold brewed coffee?

These days Cold Coffee has become famous and has become a habit. There are many different recipes for cold coffee, but one that has attracted a lot of interest is cold-brewed coffee. The Story Cold Brewed Coffee Cold brewing of coffee beans is not new. Traces are dating back to the 1600s when cold brewing coffee began in Japan. On the other hand, it seems that Scottish merchants first transmitted to the Japanese how they made their coffee on their ships.

The arrival of this process in North America is not very long ago. In recent years, coffee lovers have been looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite beverages. The rise in popularity of cold coffee, and therefore cold brewing, is due to this. This is a more recent way of making coffee. Still, it is not to be overlooked since it allows us to obtain a less bitter coffee because of the different chemical reactions that occur during its preparation.

If you are a fan of micro roasting coffee, you will surely appreciate cold-brewed coffee. If not, this article may pique your curiosity. This simple technique allows the extraction of new aromas and flavors from the coffee through a long-brewing process. If you feel like trying this technique at home, here are the steps you will need to follow to make your first cold brew a success!

THE COLD BREW COFFEE RECIPE All you have to do is put coarsely ground coffee in water, at a ratio of one part of coffee to four parts of water by weight. With these proportions a very concentrated coffee is obtained, designed to be drunk with ice. Let's go on with it:

Cold brew coffee, soaking the ground coffee in cold water for at least 12 hours. INGREDIENTS: 250 g of coarse ground coffee 1 liter of weakly mineralized water, cold

INSTRUCTIONS We grind the 250 g of coffee so that it is coarse; if it is with an electric coffee grinder of the Pleistocene like mine it is relatively easy to leave it half-ground. 1.In any container, it does not even need a lid, put the freshly ground coffee and add the water. 2.Stir lightly so that all the coffee is soaked and cover with a cloth or plastic wrap or a lid. 3.From here the coffee is left to rest for at least 12 hours and up to 24 hours, either in the refrigerator (oxidation is attenuated) or at room temperature on the countertop. We can stir it gently every 6 hours. 4.After this time we filter the coffee through a cloth or a paper filter. The advantage of the cloth is that it allows us to squeeze it and accelerate the filtering, which we cannot do with the paper filter. It is necessary to be patient. 5.The coffee concentrate that is obtained must be diluted to be consumed, adding from twice as much water (or milk) to three times as much. This is a matter of taste.

QUESTIONS ABOUT COLD BREWED COFFEE -Those who have a French press type coffee maker (those of glass with a plunger) have it very easy to make this type of coffee: they only have to use cold water in the infusion, instead of hot. The filter is incorporated into the coffee maker. -As is a matter of course, the better the quality of the coffee, the better the cold brew coffee will be. I have used a delicious Kenyan coffee from the guys at Puchero Coffee Roasters, a coffee roastery in Valladolid, who put tremendous care into their products. -Is it essential to grind coffee at home? Professional barista will tell you that it is always essential to get an acceptable coffee, either cold or by the classic hot method. I usually buy it in beans and grind it in small doses that I keep in an airtight container. -The professionals go even further when it comes to grinding: they recommend using grinders with grinding wheels, which do not overheat the coffee like the ones with blades. Yes, the old-fashioned grinders, look at you. -Less than a liter of coffee is obtained if we use a liter of water because there is a loss: there is a part of water that remains in the grounds, no matter how hard we press. Keep this in mind.

WHAT COLD BREW COFFEE IS AND WHAT COLD BREW COFFEE IS NOT The cold brewed coffee (which is more or less what cold brew means) is exactly that: a coffee that is prepared with cold water, instead of boiling water. For this reason it needs more time to be elaborated, since the coffee must be left to rest in cold water for at least 12 hours. And you may ask, what is the difference between cold brewed coffee and iced coffee? The method of preparation: cold brewed coffee is prepared with a cold infusion. The coffee thus obtained is less acidic (milder) and it is said that it preserves the aromas better. The liquid obtained is quite concentrated and only cold water (or milk) is needed to dilute it to our taste. The classic coffee, prepared hot, develops more bitterness when cooled. Coffee with ice can be watered down excessively with ice.

Thanks to the process of obtaining the coffee it is better preserved, so that you can prepare a certain amount and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks (before diluting it). Although there are special pots to prepare this coffee, no special equipment is needed, other than a coffee grinder, a coffee grinder, a coffee grinder and a coffee grinder: -A coffee grinder, -A container in which to make the mixture and -A strainer with a cloth or paper filter. Is it better than ordinary coffee? Well, it tasted very good to me, but it is also true that the starting coffee, specialty coffee from Puchero Coffee Roasters, was better than many. And I don't usually drink coffee with ice because I find it very strong, so I can't really compare in a good way. But hot, diluting it by a third, it is absolutely delicious, with a much more complex flavor in my opinion. It only remains for me to test it with the regular coffee that we consume at home to conclude if there really is a difference. As you can see, it is impossible to make this coffee in cold or cold brew. Having coffee always ready is an advantage when you have little time and if you also preserve the flavor better, honey on top of flakes. Finally, you could also make a simple syrup for your cocktail bases to accompany your ice cream or add to your waffles. All you have to do is reduce 1 part sugar and 1 part cold-brewed coffee in a cauldron. Once you have brought the liquid to a boil, could you remove it from the heat and let it cool?