what kind of doctor treats liver disease

What is the best answer to the question, "what kind of doctor treats liver disease?" The answer will differ depending on the stage the liver is in and the type of liver disease that it is. It also depends on the type of liver disease that one has and the severity of the liver disease. In short, there is no single best answer as each patient will need to assess each case on its own merits and decide what the doctor should do. It is important for doctors to have a strong understanding of the organ. A good doctor can assess a patient's liver function, sensitivity to drugs and respond to treatment accordingly. He or she should be able to prescribe the right medication for the right dosage to achieve the desired results. There are many types of liver diseases that one might be suffering from. These include hepatitis B and C, fatty liver, steatosis, and cirrhosis of the liver. Each one has different symptoms and causes, so it is important that the doctor has the right information. When deciding what kind of doctor treats liver disease one needs to consider a few factors. One is the stage the liver is at. At the beginning stage of liver disease there are usually no symptoms. Patients may show some discomfort in the abdomen, but they may be in perfect health otherwise. Over time, the liver cells will slowly deteriorate. Fatigue and general weakness may set in as well as nausea and jaundice. Over time, symptoms will develop as more damage occurs to the liver cells. Some symptoms include abdominal pain, fever, and loss of weight. In some cases, patients may exhibit signs of abdominal bloating. They may also have been drinking too much or eating food that is difficult for their body to digest. One of the main types of liver disease is hepatitis which affects approximately 4 million Americans. A patient can have steatosis and only display a few symptoms. These would include swelling, a yellow discoloration of skin, jaundice, nausea and diarrhea. If a patient has cirrhosis, doctors may be able to tell by looking at a blood test called a serum telomere. What kind of doctor treats liver disease depends on how early the disease is diagnosed.